Competency gap analysis for Industries


Competency gap analysis for employees have helped healthcare institutions have better employees. Through employee gap analysis in hospitals, clinics & healthcare centers have more skilled doctors, medical staff, nurses, allied health professionals, dietitians, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech pathologists and clinical support staff.

Few sample tests
  • Inductive reasoning test for nurses
  • Medical tests for doctors
  • Customer service aptitude profile (CSAP) test for therapists and physiotherapists
  • Dietitians practice test
  • Basic skill tests for dental assistants
  • Mathematical reasoning tests for pharmacy technicians
Skill gap analysis for Industries - Healthcare, Education. Hospitality, Law firms


Employment assessment can be organized in educational sectors like school, colleges and universities. Through our software for employees skill testing in education sector, you can get qualified teachers, professors, administrator, counselor, office staff, deans...

Few sample tests
  • Accountancy test
  • Economics tests
  • Mathematics test
  • Subject knowledge test
  • Business tests
  • Chemistry tests
  • Language tests
  • Physics test
  • Content Writing test
  • Counseling Fundamental tests
  • Microsoft knowledge test for office staff
  • Reading comprehension test


Competency gap analysis is helpful for IT sector, software development firms, website development companies etc. Online aptitude testing software for IT Companies is designed to test job applicants like software developers, network engineers, network administrators, computer scientists, system analysts, business analysts, tech support, IT consultants and software testers.

Few sample tests
  • Core java tests
  • Test for Android developers
  • Test for PHP
  • Test for HTML
  • Swift programming skill tests
  • General programming tests


Industrial aptitude tests are very necessary for banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. Aptitude testing is necessary for banking sector to test financial skills. These tests can help in selecting appropriate financial analyst, bank teller, loan officer, financial manager, bank manager, pension manager and investment bankers.

Few sample tests
  • Accountancy test
  • Basic computer knowledge tests
  • Data interpretation test
  • Prelim tests for clerks
  • Tests for Probationary officer
  • Banking awareness test
  • Employee personality profile tests (EPP)
Employee skill gap analysis tool- perfect fit for every industry


Employees skill testing for hospitality, travel agencies and hotels are designed to check how a candidate can manage customers calmly. In hospitality an employee should always have a positive attitude, look enthusiastic and courteous. Hospitality can use our psychometric, cognitive & skill tests to hire event organizers, human resource officers, managers for accommodation, catering, tour, retail, customer service and restaurants.

Few sample tests
  • Culinary skill tests for chefs
  • Customer service skill tests for waiters/waitresses
  • Customer service aptitude tests for bartenders
  • Communication skills test for receptionists
  • Workplace productivity profile tests(WPP) for management staff

Call Centers

Call centers, business process outsourcing(BPOs), knowledge process outsourcing(KPOs) focus on diligent trainers, coaches, call center agents, team leaders, center managers, operational managers etc. For them, we have created aptitude tests through our software to check executive performance.

Few sample tests
  • Computer literacy test
  • Internet knowledge test
  • Telecommunications skill tests
  • Tests for Team leaders
  • Active listening tests
  • Tele sales tests

Real estates

Real estates and property management companies test personality and technical skills of Real Estate Agent, salesperson, auctioneer, property manager, body corporate manager, support staff, architects etc. Pre-employment tests can be created according to the role required for the job.

Few sample tests
  • Convincing skill tests for agent
  • Supervisory tests for property manager
  • Tests for brokers
  • Sales executive tests
  • Creativity tests for architect
  • Communication tests for auctioneer

Law firm

Law firm and law offices need skill based assessment tests for lawyers, records clerks, legal secretaries, paralegal, general and operational managers. To win trust of customers client handling skills along with legal knowledge is imperative. Through electronic testing of their advocate's law, the firms can earn more goodwill and customer satisfaction.

Few sample tests
  • Legal reasoning tests
  • Penal Code tests
  • Oratory skills test
  • Arguing abilities test