Human Capital management software - Features

All the features of Human capital management software have been developed to ensure legal compliance and in accordance with the best HR practices.

Organizational Structuring

Helps structure the organizations so that they run seamlessly
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Employee information at your fingertips

Every Employee information is just a click away. Track each employee through insights captured.
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Self service Portal – Empower Employees

Empower your Human Capital. Every personnel holds the key to his vital information.
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Attendance Management

Closely watches Human Capital's regularity as the time keeper of the company
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Leave Management made easy

Leave data of all employees viewable in a single screen
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Payroll Management

Payroll management & Salary generation with Compensation and Benefits structuring
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Performance Management

Track the Employee’s progress through powerful charts and reports
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Skill gap analysis

Competency Insights to nurture your talent pool & impart right training
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Timesheet Management

Take advantage of real-time project, workforce and resource management.
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