Applicant Tracking System-Benefits

Consolidate Recruiting Data

Relegate all your hiring related tasks to a single screen. Ensure increased productivity by consolidating all recruiting information in a single place. Save time and avoid workspace clutter through our neat, simple Applicant Tracking system!

consolidate all applicant information at single place by recruitment software

customizable recruiting templates by Top applicant tracking software

Recruiting Templates

Every recruitment has unique communication needs. If the Applicant Tracking System Software’s pre-defined email templates are not suitable for the HR managers – Customize. Create your own templates, save them for future use. Communicate better – communicate your way.

Hiring Insights

Real time visibility of the status of Job applications. Quick view of job applicants in graphical, numerical or tabular format. Spot trends and patterns in hiring data. Making visual comparisons at all stages of the hiring pipeline. All this and so much more, all with the help of our comprehensive hiring dashboards which is the heart of our applicant tracking system.

Comprehensive hiring dashboards in our best online candidate tracking software

Get customizable recruiting stages with web based applicant tracking system

Customizable Recruiting Stages

As any hiring personnel well knows, time is of primary consequence. We value your time and productivity above all else. Now change recruiting stages, and send mails on a single click with our Recruitment Software. Save time. Avoid cumbersome redundant effort for quick hiring.