Psychometric Tests

Psychometric refers to a measurement of the mind. Psychometric testing is used to accurately test one’s personality. Psychometric analyses are to check the strengths as well as weaknesses of the job applicants. A psychometric test can be a basic filter for your recruiting process. Personality questionnaire and accuracy tests will be helpful to examine hidden traits of an individual. Psychometric tests are necessary in industries like hospitality, law firm, real estate, education, and call center. The questionnaires of psychometric analysis are different for every sector. Psychometric assessment will give you an exact idea of how the employees will react under different situations. There can be different types of psychometric tests which are classified below:

Managerial potential tests

Managerial potential tests imparted through our psychometric testing software will give an understanding of the leadership quality of a candidate. Questionnaire for managerial potential tests are prepared to check whether a job applicant is able to work in challenging managerial situations. A manager should be the one who can motivate employees.

Psychometric tests for Leadership

Leadership is an intrinsic part of a successful company. The leader should turn the personal goals of employees in the direction of organizational goals. To assess leadership qualities you should add psychometric tests for leadership in your company’s hiring process.

Online Psychometric Assessment Test img-thumbnail Online Psychometric Assessment Test

Psychometric tests for Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is a common disorder characterized by long-lasting anxiety. These tests will give you an assurance about candidate mental condition under hard situations. A company requires a candidate who will not crack under high-pressure circumstances. Anxiety disorder assessment includes tests like depression screening, panic disorder screening and screening for specific phobias.