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Simple & hassle-free Discover the interplay of user ease & functionality. What you need is what you get. See for yourself how simple & hassle-free our testing process becomes through our Assessment software. Analyze applicants’ suitability for the position in just a few clicks
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ubiAptitude is platform-independent, web based online assessment software – ready to use. No need to download or install any software. Automatic updates. No tedious maintenance.

360 ° Analysis Boost your Recruitment process with a thorough, complete professional online assessment tool. The applicants are tested with complete set of skills. Reduce talent identification risks drastically.
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Convenient This recruitment solution for the perfect hire has been designed considering the convenience of the applicants as well as the recruiters. Quickly access the test software through the web anytime and from anywhere.

Immediate Get instant results on your fingertips whenever an applicant completes the test. The recruiter will be able to see candidate score and detailed analysis immediately after the test completion.
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Accurate All the test questions have been carefully chosen by qualified experts to evaluate the job-seeker’s skills as accurately as possible. Correlating the test results with proper interviews will give 80% correct pointers.

Affordable With all its virtues the assessment software for recruitment and employees is still amazingly affordable. As it is on cloud there is no hardware cost, no installation charges and upgrades are free. What you pay is peanuts compared to the plethora of benefits.
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Unbiased Recruit on merit. Institute a Fair, Open, Consistent and Explainable philosophy across all aspects of HR function. Be the preferred employer. Keep a consistent view of all candidates’ records. The assessment software ensures that the assessment is totally unbiased and uniform.

Untiring assistance Say good bye to tedious manual testing. Meet our hard working, persistent test genie. Simply administer the electronic tests and get the vital scores time and again.
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Gauge Aptitude Powerful dashboards at your disposal for aptitude insight. Get the candidates performance at a glance. Drill down to assessing every candidate. Touch of specialized reports complete the assessment.

Minimal Paper work Our assessment system reduces the paperwork hassles of manual scoring and evaluation. No need of paper files. ubiAptitude automates the entire testing process from the online assessment to the final result generation
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Score & rating The built-in intelligence helps you select and recruit the right candidate. The aptitude and psychometric assessment tests are coupled with detailed interpretation of applicant’s score which can be printed or emailed.