Applicant Testing Software - FAQs

Applicant Testing Software provides a set of online questions to screen the job applicants. Gauge the candidates on the competencies for each position

Pre-employment Applicant tests are a set of online questions to screen the job applicants or company personnel. Gauge the candidates on the competencies specific for each position and the critical skills for your business through our Applicant Testing software on cloud to develop assessment centers. The assessment centers are linked to many aspects of HR such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management system, employee engagement, career growth etc.

The tests can include testing of cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, personality, emotional intelligence and language proficiency. There are also Industry specific tests for positions like PHP programmer, Construction Foreman, Medical technician, Property managers, Lab assistant …

Each of the web based tests is developed by HR and subject matter experts. All tests undergo a thorough validation process. We also review the tests from time to time to check their relevance with changing times. The tests are developed on the principle that ‘One size doesn’t fit all’. We devise and recommend position-specific tests wherein candidates are required to undertake tests not only for job-fit but also culture-fit.

A candidate’s number of tests ideally depends on the designation they are applying for. Normally the test sets contain 3-4 type of tests - Skill tests, Language tests, Psychometric tests.... However, the higher the position, the more detailed the assessment becomes. Tests such as leadership skill, team building skills are additional to the other tests.

The recommended duration for each test is of 10-15 minutes. Although the timing can be configured separately for each organization & each test.

The candidates are automatically registered when they apply for the advertised position through the website. A mail is automatically sent from the software to the suitable applicants when the test is scheduled. This email contains the website link, user name and password to be used for the test.

A job applicant only requires a computer with a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla). He can login through the same mail id through which he had applied for the vacancy.

Online assessment tests are easier and far quicker to administer. They also store the test history of the applicant. These records can be used for recruitment and selection and also for other aspects of HR Management.

First, an elaborate skill profiling for every position is done. Against the ideal skill-profile, all employees are assessed through our aptitude tests for the gaps that exist in the desired skill-set to the personal skill-set. This is called skill-gap analysis. The key performance indicators are analyzed to impart the right training.

As stated above, the tests can be configured at the client’s end. If the company wants to create and add the tests, the software allows the recruiter to build the tests in easy steps. We also have in-house expertise to devise the right tests for a specific position and these include not just the tests for testing the specific knowledge and technical skill of the position but also psychometric tests.

If the client wishes us to design the tests, we will need a Job position along with any particular parameters that are unique to the client’s specific industry, area of business or geographical location. The ability tests will then be designed around exactly the criteria that the client desires.