Pre employment Testing Software - Benefits

With our pre-employment testing software - No more bad hires, Save Paper & Space, Remove bias, get automatic ranking & interpretation. Reduce hiring cost

Identify the candidates with best-fit

Recruiters report that most of the applicants do not meet basic qualifications. Every job requires a unique set of skills & personality. To ensure that your applicants have the skill that the job requires, ubiAptitude provides you with position-specific tests. The pre employment aptitude testing tool helps you to measure aptitude, skills & personality of the most fitting job applicants.

Hire with a conservative budget

Screening suitable employees is crucial for the success of the company. The traditional approaches of recruitment lead to a steep hiring cost. The usual process for recruiting is:

  • Search applicants through online Job boards
  • Review resumes and shortlist the candidates
  • Call the short-listed applicants for in-person interview(s)

Selecting candidates using traditional approaches is cumbersome, time consuming & error-prone. Good Recruiters come with a big price tag. Cut down on the recruiting cost using our applicant testing software - ubiAptitude.

Reduce hiring cost with automated pre-employment testing software

Reduce process time

Using pre employment testing software reduces your recruiting cost the hiring time drastically. Screen out hundreds of applicants who are not eligible for the job prior to meeting them in person. Eligibility of the applicant can be best determined by our online pre-employment testing software. Quickly identify and filter the applicants who are the best-fit through the rating & assessment report.

Automate the assessment process and save time on laborious steps. You can reduce up to 90% of the time which is spent on reviewing all resumes and interviewing applicants.

Save Paper, Save space

Paper files when accumulated over long period of time require huge storage space. Electronically done pre-employment tests details and also the results are saved on the cloud. All the candidate, tests, tests bank, and the assessment results can be saved on your computers.

Test training requirements

The Skill testing software for recruitment can set benchmarks for all job positions and existing employees. Skill-gap analysis is a detailed analysis of the gap in the knowledge, skill and competencies of every candidate. This analysis determines the training needs and development planning for the desired skill-profile..

Guaranteed increase in employee engagement

Employee engagement is the buzz word in the HR world and its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Statistics reveal that it can be as much as 30% of the business profits. It has both direct and indirect cost implications. Accurately mapping the candidate profile with the position and person specification ensures the chances of the employee performing well and adapting to your company’s culture.

Remove bias in your hiring process

In a climate of equal opportunities, discrimination on any ground is frowned upon. Recruiting solely on merit is what good organizations strive for. ubiAptitude provides you with the right platform to institute FOCE i.e a Fair, Open, Consistent and Explainable philosophy. An unbiased approach to hiring cascades down to improve all aspects of your HR function.

Enables growth opportunities for your workforce

The pre-employment testing software can be used to test existing workforce. Our psychometric tests help to set benchmarks and develop assessment centers. The assessment centers are linked to HR aspects like Employee training, performance management, employee engagement, Skill development & career growth.

No more bad hires

Reduce your induction turn-over and increase retention through our pre-hire testing software. Fill the positions with the right people, at the right time. Ensure performance to the optimum level. The cost of getting a wrong hire is high. A solid retention policy helps in your aim to be a preferred employer and in your ability to attract talent.

Create pre-assessment centers

Create pre-assessment centers. Test the existing employees against the desired skill-set and attitude. Use the benchmarks according to industry norms for improving performance and fulfilling career aspirations. Identify the candidates with the right attitude and competencies - who are the best fit for the job as well as the best fit culturally.