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Our HR management Application can undertake complete HR automation from hiring to separation. HR Professionals can streamline manage entire employee life cycle – from Recruitment to Performance management.…from Leave management, Attendance tracking to Payroll generation.

benefits of employee management software

Our Strengths

  • 20+ Years Experience in providing Software Solutions
  • Latest technology with world class user interface
  • Built in collaboration with HR experts
  • Platform independent Desktop & Mobile App
  • HR Best Practices, Compliant with the local Labour Laws
  • Customizable view to individual company’s requirements
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting at your disposal.
  • Multiple levels of security along with auto mirroring of data and backups
  • Available on both - premise & cloud
  • Advanced search feature provides all the information quickly and accurately
  • Powerful custom-made dashboards and reports
  • Company information, collected from multiple sources at one place
  • Scalable from 50-5,000 employees
  • Configurable Email templates for increased efficiency
  • Trade license and important documents expiry notifications
  • Available as an integrated or modular Application
  • Highly customizable to individual company’s requirements
  • Bulk emailing and filter option
  • Multiple levels of security along with auto mirroring of data

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